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Our Family


We moved back to Virginia 17 years ago.  We moved for several reasons, but mostly to be closer to family. We live on the family farm.  Bill's dad passed away 3 years ago and his mom has recently moved to an assisted living facility in the valley.  Cynthia's dad lives in Staunton.

 Bill has been farming the family farm for these past 17 years, ever developing and diversifying our products and services.

 Cynthia splits her time between the farm, family and working at the University of Virginia Medical Center as a registered nurse.

 Joseph graduated from Western Albemarle County in 2007 and completed 4 years of active service with the USMC, in 2011.  He served one tour in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan.  He graduated from James Madison University (JMU) in 2015 and is presently living/working in NOVA.  We are so blessed to have him close to home.










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